Prefabricated Houses

Company Raster, montažne hiše in konstrukcije, designs and builds low energy houses and passive prefabricated houses or business premises. We build with certified natural materials and use environmentally friendly technologies.

The system of professional completion of details and the standard structure of walls, ceilings and roofs

The details and tehnology are ajusted tolow energy, passive residential or business facilities. With selected materials, we have compiled a standard composition of the walls, ceilings and roofs.

Priority is given to natural construction materials

The basic construction material is certified and technically dried constructional timberand glued laminated structural wood. We also use elements of steel and solid construction if required.

Suitable stability, sound and thermal insulation and air tightness

Appropriate stability and insulation of a prefabricated house is achieved with covering and inserted heat and sound insulation. We use materials based on wood, plaster and mineral materials. We guarantee a professionalexecution of the air tight covering of the house. We use certified foils, sealing tapes, glues, etc.

Roofing and clading

We offer different types of roof sheets by renowned manufacturers.You can choose between brick, concrete or tin roof sheets. We assemble your gutters and drain pipes for drainage of rainwater and settle snow guards.

Different types of facades and facade coverings

We construct minimal layer contact facades and various types of ventilated facades. You can choose between a wide rage of wooden and stone ventilated facades. We also produce facades with facade coating based on mineral panels which give the house a modern decorative appearance.

High quality furniture and accessories

We install windows, balcony doors, entrance and interior doors of renowned domestic and foreign manufacturers in our houses.We also install blinds, shutters, movable blinds, etc.


We install different types of wooden stairs. We prepare the construction of wooden stairs for paneling with other materials.

Balconies, balcony railings and French balconies

You can choose between different types of balconies and balcony railings. Balcony railings are made of solid wood or stainless steel.

Colors and protection system of visible parts of the structure

You can choose between different shades of standard colors gamut lazur and coverig colors to protect visible parts of the wooden structure or wooden facades. We also offer alternatives for protection of wood with different oils.

Different external architectural accessories

In accordance with the architecture of the house we construct a variety of different canopies and garages for cars, sheds, pergolas, porches and terraces.

Electrical wiring

Electrical installations is executed based on a plan. In the prefabricated walls we build doses for switches and sockets, electrical cabinets and others. We install fire resistant pipes of suitable parameters.

Plumbing and sewerage

Based on the plan of mechanical installations of plumbing and sewage, we prepare the construction of a sanitary structure for the sanitary equipment. We prepare technical breakthroughs across the load-bearing elements ofthe walls, ceilings and roof structures.

Heating system

In accordance with the project of the installation of heating, we create suitable breakthroughs for pipes of the heating. We prepare openings in the walls for the installation oflockers for underfloor heating, and more.


We install certified fireplaces of renowned manufacturers in the passive and low energy prefabricated houses. You can choose between a variety of formats and layouts of the fireplaces.

Ventilation and recuperation

According to mechanical installations of the ventilation, we prepare breakthroughs across structural elements and suitably prepare the space for the installation of a ventilation device.