Project documentation

We elaborate the whole project documentation that is required for the construction of low energy houses, passive prefabricated houses or business premises.

Scheme idea

Our architect designs a scheme idea of the residential or business facilities. The arrangement of the rooms is designed in accordance with your needs and lifestyle. We also create a harmonious external appearance of the house and its surroundings.

3D visualization of
interior and exterior

Based on the model of room arrangements of residential or business facilities we make realistic views of interior and exterior. Carefully and in accordance with house selected materials and furniture makes the room »come to life«. Making decisions on the appropriate arrangement of the rooms and furniture is easy.

Project for getting the building permit

It contains all the necessary documentation needed for obtaining the building permission anywhere in Slovenia. The documentation is adapted for low energy or passive prefabricated construction.

Realization project

The documentation contains all the necessary documents to begin a construction of prefabricated house or business premises. Plans and details are adapted for low energy or passive prefabricated construction.

Workshop plan

Factory production of wall, ceiling and roof elements requires a properly prepared documentation. The plans contain an inventory of the constructional wood. Drawings are prepared and dimensioned based on the method of manufacturing the elements. Drawn and dimensioned are breakthroughs, elements of the electrical and mechanical installations and necessary details.

Hardware files .bvn

Computer-controlled machines (CNC) for processing construction wood need the appropriate files. Files contain the information about dimensions and quantity of workpieces, parametric defined positions and characteristics of the mechanical processing (grooves, notches, cuts . . . ), etc.